Livecity- Global Urban Data Fest

• First Place in Vancouver Urban Opus Smart Cities Hackathon and nominated for The Global Urban Datafest.
Live City was created to improve the efficiency of the use of spaces based on their availability outside of operating hours. This web-app was developed during The Global Urban Datafest, a 48 hours hackathon to improve and shape the future of cities.

Development Tools

•After Effects

Overview and Role

The whole team worked to develop the core idea and the future user experience for the app. I personally worked as the presenter, the motion graphics animator, and the video editor for the app’s support video. Our main constraint here was time since this idea had to be conceived in just 24 hours and pitched as a possible business idea that could benefit a smart city by using databases.

The Team

Carolyn Fung – Project Manager
Juan Lara – Programmer
Marcelo Martinez – 2D Animation & Project Pitching
Baldwin Hum – Architect
Camila Serrano – UI Designer